Midiator Series

Quick and easy volume management for Windows

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Midiator Keyboard

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Too loud?
Move the faders
Press and hold Alt and 1 keys
Now scroll with your mouse!
You can assign windows apps to fader, knob or buttons!
You can assign any windows application to any combination on your keyboard!

The apps

Evalest | Midiator

Do you own a USB MIDI controller? Then our Midiator will let you use it to control the volume of your Windows applications !

Evalest | Midiator Keyboard

No Midi controller? No problem! Use any keyboard shortcut and your mouse wheel to turn the volume up or down.


Windows Apps

Control the volume of any windows apps or games

Recording devices

Control the gain of any input devices

Shareable Config

Share your configuration file with any of your friends

No More Alt + Tab

Save precious time from pressing Alt + Tab and opening windows volume mixer every time

Configure once, run forever

Configure once, run forever no matter if you close your apps, restart or sleep your computer

User friendly interface

Easy to understand and use

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Midiator (Win) Midiator Keyboard (Win) * Latest .NET framework is required! You can download it here Click for Instructions!


Configuration Midiator

Configuration Midiator Keyboard